Let’s Party Contract

Here is a list of our Frequently Asked Questions!

If you have a question that is not answered below, don't hesitated to call us at 815 - 712 - 0001!

What kinds of events do you host at Let's Party?

If you can think of an event to have, we can host it! We are in the business of getting together, having fun and celebrating the good things in life. Here are some examples of events we have hosted in the past: Weddings and Wedding Receptions, Work Parties, Retirement Parties, Promotion Parties, Birthday Parties (surprise ones too!), Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties, Bachelor Parties, Appreciation Parties, Baby Showers, Graduation Parties... you name it!

what does let's party provide for my event?

We provide our space, equipped with seating and tables for 100+ people. We have a full bar, bathrooms, TouchTunes jukebox and TVs. We provide bar service as well as a bartender / hostess for your event. See the information below about food and drinks at Let's Party!

how long can i rent the space for?

Our $300 party fee gives you 1 hour to decorate, a 3 hour party and a 30 minute clean up. You will be able to come in before your event to decorate our space however you want, we only ask that you clean up all decorations during the 30 minute clean up period.

If you don't want to clean up, or feel you wont be able to clean up to the standard of clean up in the contract, that's okay. You can simply pick up your personal belongings and walk out for a $100.00 cleaning fee.

Up to two additional hours may be purchased if necessary (due to having a great time, your extraordinary decorating abilities or even just for cleaning up) at $30 per hour. Please let us know prior to your event date if this may come into play. You may also rent the space for a full day for a fee of $450.

what about food and drinks for my event?

There are plenty of options for food and drinks at Let's Party! We offer small sandwich platters as well as meat, cheese, cracker and jelly platters. You are also always able to bring in ANY catering service or outside food into your party. We provide a fully stocked cash bar. See below for customizable add on packages for your event. We can always call and set up any catering / food options for a small fee as well.

Food and Catering Options:

  • Local Catering - We can bring in ANY catering option for you for a small fee. You can also bring in any catering options on your own as well!

    • Our Let's Party Favorites!

      • Let's Party Famous Sandwich Platters

        • 20 ppl for $70.00 Easter Ham off the bone, Cajun Turkey on a a fresh potato roll.

      • Cheese and Cracker Platter

        • 20 ppl for $70.00 Combination of Pepper Jack, Colby Jack, Monterey Jack, Mild Cheddar,Swiss and Suda served with assorted crackers.

Pin Wheel Platter

        • 20 ppl for $80.00

        • Ham, Turkey, Colby Cheese, cream cheese wrapped in Tortilla.

      • Fruit Platter with Fruit Dip

        • 20 ppl for $70 Assorted seasonal fruit with a delicious fruit dip.

      • Veggie Platter

        • 20 ppl for $70.00 Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, baby carrots wit a veggie dip

Drink Options:

  • Fully stocked Cash Bar

    • Wine

    • Beer

    • Seltzers

    • Mixed Drinks

    • Pop and Bottled Water

  • Drink Tickets for Guests - You can buy individual vouchers for your guests to enjoy drinks on you!

  • Champagne Toasts

  • Mimosa Service / Bar - Ask us about serving mimosas at your event!

  • Signature Drinks - Do you have a favorite drink that you would like to serve to your guests? We can do that!

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Here is a copy of our Rules Sheet.

Let’s Party


  1. You can use both sides of the rental hall. The back room is for you to use. There is a refrigerator and microwave for you.

  2. The WIFI information is:

Network: CBCI-126B

Password: across0241chime

  1. No tape, tacks or command strips on the walls or the wood. Your Let’s Party hostess will have Sticky Tack to purchase if needed.

  2. Make sure the oval and long table have tablecloths.

  3. At the end of your event you will pay the bill to your hostess. This will need to be paid in cash, credit card or check. There is an ATM by the bar if needed.

  4. Please no metallic confetti scattered everywhere. It is very difficult to clean up. Paper is fine.

  5. Please no children sitting in the window bays. All children need to be supervised at all times for safety reasons.

  6. No alcohol is allowed outside the building.

  7. No drinks of any kind are allowed to be brought in to Let’s Party without special arrangements being made. All drinks will need to be purchased at the bar.

  8. You are responsible for any damage or broken items caused by your guests.

  9. No smoke or fog machines as it sets off the fire alarms and the Fire Department comes to your party.

  10. You will need to clean up after your party.

  • Wipe all tables and chairs

  • Move all tables back to their original place.

  • Sweep both sides

  • Wet swift both sides as necessary for spilt food or drink.

  • Take out garbage to bins outside.

  1. Last but not least, Have a GREAT event!!

Thanks Again,

Steve and Tami Martin

Let’s Party